Members of the Coal Association of Canada are incredibly diverse, with companies from both inside and outside Canada, and areas of specialization that touch every aspect of the coal and mining industries.

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Atrum Coal NL

Benga Mining Limited (Riversdale Resources Limited)

Cabin Ridge Project Limited

Coalspur (operated by Bighorn Mining)

Colonial Coal International Corporation

Conuma Resources Ltd.

CST Canada Coal Limited

Dodd's Coal Mining Company Ltd.

Glencore (Previously Xstrata Coal Canada Limited)

Kameron Coal

Mancal Coal Inc.

Montem Resources Corp.

Noir Resources Ltd.

North Coal Limited

NWP Coal Canada Limited

Peace River Coal Inc.

Pioneer Coal

Ram River Coal Corporation

Telkwa Coal Ltd.

Vista Energy Resources (formerly Cutlass Collieries)

Westmoreland Coal Company

Xcoal Energy & Resources