Canada’s Responsible Coal Development

Jun 5, 2018

Developing countries need coal. Canada manages the process masterfully, and the Coal Association of Canada helps the industry flourish.

Coal has played a vital role in the Canadian economy for hundreds of years. With advancements in mining technology, safety, and the use of sustainable development plans, it will continue to play an important role for the foreseeable future. This is the message and driving force behind The Coal Association of Canada.

A membership association established over 40 years ago, the Coal Association of Canada represents and works on behalf of the diverse spectrum of the Canadian coal industry. Members include companies involved at every level of the supply chain, from mining exploration, development and production, rail, port and terminal transportation, equipment suppliers and trading companies.

“In order for us to be an effective voice for this industry, we need to have the involvement and cooperation of the entire industry—from the geologists exploring where to mine for those first pieces of coal to the stevedores loading it onto vessels destined overseas,” said Mark Bartkoski, President of Conuma Coal Resources and Chairman of the CAC since November, 2017.

The CAC’s vision is pretty straightforward: ensure that Canadians understand the role and value of coal in Canada.

“Educating the public on coal is one of our top priorities. And the truth is, most people don’t have a very good grasp on the subject,” stated Robin Campbell, President of the Coal Association of Canada. As a former cabinet minister in the Government of Alberta, he is conscious of the importance of public opinion and public education… (more)

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